Houston, Texas Vacation Rentals

    Why People Visit:

    Houston, or "Space City", is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the US. That alone should be reason enough to visit at least once, but here are some reasons to come enjoy the vast concrete jungle that is "H-Town". Reason 1, the food. Houston is the home to some 10,000 restaurants, and yes, you read that right. With some of the top culinary talent opening up spots in town, it has turned into a real-life food-Epcot center for your taste buds. You can easily spend a week eating, and you definitely won't go hungry when you visit. Reason 2, Sports. Home to 3 major sports teams, The Houston Texans (NFL), the Rockets (NBA) and the 2018 World Series Champs, the Houston Astros (MLB), you're visit is likely to coincide with one of these sporting events. Houston sports fans are loyal and welcoming, so get a ticket and enjoy the game! Reason 3, NASA. Who never dreamed of becoming an astronaut? Take the time and visit the Space Center, it's worth it. Reason 4, Beyonce. As Queen B's hometown, you can pay homage to the Queen all over the city.

    Whatever you are into, you will not have any trouble finding things to do for the entire family in Houston!  Book a vacation rental now to come explore all that Houston has to offer.

    Get There and Get Around

    Houston has 2 major airports to choose from. Bush Intercontinental (IAH) for international and domestic travel, located 21 miles northeast of downtown and Houston Hobby (HOU) for domestic flights located 12 miles southeast.  Houston is very spread out, so getting around is easiest via car. However, there are multiple options for getting into town. Metro Buses, taxis, shuttles, major rideshare companies, and car rentals all service the airports and can get you to your vacation rental.

    Getting around town? Like every major city, traffic can be an issue, but you can still get around rather easily using rideshare companies, taxis, and the metro bus. There is a light rail that will take you from downtown, through the medical center, and to the NRG Stadium. Using that is highly recommended as parking can be tough! Houston is a major city, which offers many ways to get you to and from your vacation rental.

    What to Wear (The Weather)

    In Houston, August is the hottest month of the year with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. January is typically the coldest and wettest month of the year, while October is the driest and most temperate.  Throughout the year, Houston is known for having some serious humidity, so be prepared for that. However, Texas is known for its weather mood swings, hence the saying “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”. If you visit in the summer, renting a vacation rental with an air conditioner is a must!


    Houston has around 9,400 vacation accommodation options to choose from. Roughly half of those are apartment rentals which average about $175 a night. The median size for Houston apartments is almost 1100ft² which can accommodate 4 people making it a good option for a mid-size group or family.  The other major vacation rental type is house rentals, The average nightly price of house rentals is $275, and the median size is 2000ft². There are many options in Houston's many areas to choose your next vacation rental.

    Things to Do: