Pensacola, Florida Vacation Rentals







    Why People Visit:

    Are you dreaming about dropping everything and going out to spend your time in the sun instead of being in an office 5 days a week with fluorescent lighting? If so, look no further than Pensacola Florida! This beautiful location is the perfect getaway for you and your family with one of Florida's gorgeous white sand beaches. Spend your day tanning on the beach with a cooler full of beer and at sunset witness the sun falling below the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico. If you are interested in an adventure, Pensacola has the solution for you as just off the coast is the world's largest artificial reef! The USS Oriskany was an aircraft carrier from the Vietnam and Korean War, and today it is a spectacular location to snorkel and dive to see the fascinating life of the sea! Other fun adventurous activities include: parasailing, deep-sea fishing, and dolphin watching! After a long day on the beach, head into town and check out the Pensacola nightlife. There are some very nice restaurants in downtown Pensacola as well as other events you can attend! Some of the signature events in Pensacola include Blue Angel Air Show, Crawfish Festival, Fiesta of 5 Flags, and so much more! So book a beach-side rental today and get out to the white sand beaches as fast as possible to soak up as much sun and fun as possible!

    Getting There and Getting Around:

    The Pensacola International Airport is located just outside of downtown Pensacola, offering quick access to the city and the beach! Once landed you can either take a taxi, rideshare, or rent a vehicle in order to get around town and to your beach rental. The town also recommends walking or biking around to reduce pollution and keep our environment safe! However, you must be careful, because the Pensacola visitor's saying is "Getting here was easy. Leaving is so hard!"

    What to Wear (The Weather):

    Pensacola is generally pretty warm year-round, the lowest it gets in the wintertime is about 40°F. During the summertime, the weather is typically in the high 80's and low 90's. So it would be advisable to bring short sleeves for when you walk around town. But if you are headed to the beach then throw on a bathing suit and tank top and have a spectacular day on the beautiful white-sand beach!


    The most common accommodation in Pensacola is the apartments, with an average size of 1,200 square feet and with an average price of about $360 per night. This size can be comfortable for up to 6 or 7 people and is highly recommended! If you are in search of a house instead, there are plenty of rental houses in the Pensacola area! The average size for a house is 2,000 square feet and the average price is $480.

    Things to Do:

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