Vacationing Post-COVID: Keeping Your Properties and Tenants Healthy

By Cora Gold
April 08, 2021
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As the pandemic slows to a stop, more people will resume their travels. Health experts may lift travel restrictions, but future guests may still worry about protecting their health while they’re away from home. Keep your properties and tenants healthy while they vacation in a post-COVID world by using these tips.

Any property owner can use these strategies to make their rental unit more appealing and keep guests comfortable. They’ll demonstrate an extra level of care that travelers will appreciate, especially if competing properties don’t make the same efforts.

1. Provide In-Home Fun

It will take time for many people to get comfortable with pre-pandemic activities. Nearby tourist attractions might not appeal to them because they aren’t ready to wade through crowds and be around maskless strangers. Rental property owners can provide in-home fun for any guest who doesn’t want to go out into town.

Set up family-oriented video game systems and invest in board games. You might install a backyard pool or hot tub. Consider what guests want to do when they arrive at your rental property to identify which amenities would work easily alongside their vacation plan.

2. Keep Rigorous Cleaning Routines

Even when COVID isn’t a local health threat, property owners should keep rigorous cleaning routines approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Cleaner properties are always more preferable, so use your website to describe your cleaning efforts between guests. The extra effort to install an air purifier or continue your contract with a cleaning service proves your dedication to creating the best vacation experience for your guests.

3. Advertise Therapeutic Experiences

People go on vacation to relax, so make your rental property as therapeutic as possible. Guests can visit your beach home and enjoy many health benefits like getting more vitamin D or exercise. Describe the therapeutic experiences available exclusively at your property so possible renters learn how they’ll get a transformative healthy getaway by booking dates in your rental unit.

4. Stock Up on Masks

Even when vaccines help the general public reach herd immunity, COVID hotspots will occasionally break out in towns and cities. Stock up on masks and place them in on-property storage. If COVID cases occur in the area, a note for guests can explain where they'll find masks for their in-town activities. It’s one less thing for them to pack and will save the day if COVID spreads while they're away from home.

5. Research Takeout Options

Experts agree that COVID doesn’t spread through takeout food, so guests can still get restaurant food even if they don’t want to enter high-risk public spaces. Research the closest takeout options that provide a variety of food. Leave a list of takeout restaurants with curbside pickup or delivery. You’ll make mealtime easier and safer, which is something everyone wants while they’re on vacation.

6. List Local Health Clinics

Property owners can also leave a list of local health clinics that test for COVID and are open 24/7. If your guests feel like they’re experiencing symptoms, they’ll always know where to go for free or reduced-price testing. Not having to frantically research health clinics will mean the world to anyone who’s away from home and nervous about their wellbeing.

Keep Your Properties and Tenants Healthy

Vacationing post-COVID will return to normal, but you can keep your properties and tenants healthy with these extra steps. They’ll make your customer service and property quality stand out from your competitors and maintain everyone’s safety while they vacation at your properties.

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