Vacation Rental Upgrades That Convince Travelers to Book

By Cora Gold
April 13, 2021
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Rental properties must remain competitive to stay successful. Instead of choosing projects and purchases based on what might work, increase revenue by choosing vacation rental upgrades that convince travelers to book. Invest in projects that guarantee better results to avoid wasting time and money.

Travelers appreciate these upgrades because they make vacations easier to personalize. Indulge in a bit of luxury and even more fun so guests get excited to visit while they browse for lodging online.

1. New Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens are the heart of a home, even if you rent a small condo or apartment. Installing new kitchen appliances make your space more appealing. People will want to treat themselves to a home-cooked meal on a flat-top stove or use a touchscreen fridge to store food. A double oven may appeal to large families who need extra help to feed everyone when they’re not at home.

2. Improved Cleaning Standards

The recent worldwide health crisis brought new importance to cleaning standards. You’ll likely increase bookings by using updated cleaning recommendations provided by health experts. Even though it’s safe to travel, people will become more inclined to stay at your property if they know they’re paying for a clean environment.

3. Advertised Bike Paths

Everyone knows how to find standard tourist attractions online. They might not know where to find community amenities that support their workout routines. Rental property owners can work on local bike trails to create enhanced paths and trails specifically for their guests’ benefit. Mention them on your website and point out new features, like paved paths and bike racks.

4. Luxury Bedroom Arrangements

People vacation to get away from their normal routine. They’d rather pay for an experience that treats them to luxury than a place that isn’t memorable. Guests will love cozy bedroom arrangements with a luxury vibe, so find upgrades that aren’t in the average home.

Start with a new memory foam mattress and buy a canopy bed frame. Hang a flatscreen TV across from the bed and install a hot tub if the bedroom has extra space. They create an experience that’s worth every penny, especially if surrounding properties don’t offer anything nearly as nice.

5. Recommended Outdoor Workout Stations

Nearby parks may have outdoor workout stations that would appeal to active guests. Speak with city leaders or park management teams to talk about paying for upgrades in exchange for a plaque with your name on it. After the work finishes, you can recommend those public workout stations to your guests and benefit from the local advertising.

6. Backyard Water Features

Make your rental property stand out by installing backyard water features that enhance the place’s visual appeal. You might consider a pool, hot tub or even a koi pond. Guests will love relaxing with a morning cup of coffee while they watch the sunrise sparkle off the water feature. These installations also upgrade your website photos, which make or break your property’s first impression with new guests.

Use Upgrades That Convince Travelers to Book

These are just a few vacation rental upgrades that convince travelers to book, so think about what would work best for your property. Consider who visits your rental unit, why they travel to that location and how many guests typically arrive for each trip. Whether you improve community features or upgrade a mattress, you’ll increase revenue by making your rental property stand out from the competition.

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