The Rising Popularity Of Beachside Holiday Rentals — And Why Investing In One Isn’t A Bad Idea

By Kylee
February 01, 2021
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Back in 2010, just one out of 10 travelers used a “peer-to-peer marketed accommodation” or vacation rental. However, by 2015, one in four had used one, illustrating just how popular renting a vacation property has become. With that in mind, those looking to invest in a beachside property may be onto something. Whether you’re looking into purchasing your first beachside property or simply toying with the idea, the rising popularity of beachside rentals brings a multitude of benefits when it comes to investing in one yourself.

The reasons behind the popularity

With many looking to spend their vacation near the beach, a beachside rental can offer a myriad of benefits that makes them appeal to just about everyone looking for a relaxing vacation. Private beach access, for example, is a major perk for those who enjoy swimming, since it’s easy to head straight to the water. This can be particularly beneficial if your swimwear needs to be adjusted for the perfect fit, (such as in the case of a bikini with adjustable strings) — something that can be quite difficult to do while on the beach. Beachside rentals are also notoriously known for being the perfect solution for those on holiday with their families or a large group of people, as they allow for a unique “second-home” feel while on vacation, while also being better accommodated for hosting group activities and longer stays. Additionally, the stunning views coupled with the overall feeling of getting “more bang for your buck” as opposed to staying in a hotel are other notable reasons behind their popularity. 

Popularity makes for a good investment

Because of how popular beachside rentals are among vacationers, the high demand makes for an obvious good investment, and the popularity will likely continue to grow. In fact, one of the biggest contributors of growth in the rental market happens to be technology. With the ability to list your rental on online marketplaces like the ever popular AirBnb, running a vacation rental business becomes that much easier for property owners, as well as for the travelers themselves, especially when seemingly complicated aspects of the business — like booking the property and scheduling bookings — can all be done on one platform. Not only that, but the ability to gain positive ratings and reviews can only help in attracting more business and income, further backing the reasons why investing in a property is not only a good idea, but one that's easier to benefit from than it might seem.

Additional benefits of investing

In addition to a high rental income, those who choose to invest in a beachside holiday property can enjoy a number of other benefits that come along with their investment as well. For instance, property appreciation is one major benefit to consider, especially when it comes to selling the property, as you’ll likely be able to sell it for a higher price. Not only that, but those who own beachside properties also have the luxury of being able to use the property themselves, which is ideal when it comes to finding a readily-available place to stay during peak season —  as well as serving as a vacation getaway for you and your family whenever you may need it.

Beachside holiday rentals are a popular alternative to hotels, and for good reason. For those looking to invest in such a property, this can mean high rental income, the ability to use the property yourself, and much more — thus making it a smart investment.

Photo by Parker Amstutz on Unsplash